Community Investment
February 4, 2022


Co-op's business model means that instead of dollars leaving the community, our profits get reinvested in our members and the communities where we operate. This creates a sustainable model for a healthy community.

Everything we do represents a local investment, and this extends to the community-based initiatives that we back. In fact, we focus a lot on ways to support the efforts of local non-profits. That way, when our communities need it most, help is ready and waiting. Donations/Sponsorships, scholarships and volunteering are three ways that Lakeland Co-op invests in our community.

Donation and Sponsorship Guidelines

(*COMING SOON) Please click here for the Donation Application

Lakeland Co-op supports and invests in our community – because we live and work here too. Our profits are used to give back to local initiatives and organizations, develop jobs and economic activity, and provide a return to our members – who are customers like you.

Since our start in 1984, we have been supporting a wide variety of events, programs, projects and fundraisers throughout our district. If your group, non-profit, organization, or club is making a difference in our community and you meet our eligibility guidelines we welcome you to apply for donation or sponsorship support.

To be eligible for Lakeland Co-op support, Applicants:

  • must be a registered charity or non-profit organization, a non-profit community group or youth organization, an education event for children/youth, or a community group working toward improving a public/community space
  • must be based in and provide programming/services in Lakeland Co-op's trading
  • should be a Lakeland Co-op Member  while this is not required, we do encourage all applicants to be a Member of Lakeland Co-op

How to apply:

  • We prefer organizations to apply online (*COMING SOON)
  • Please submit your online application a minimum of 30 days prior to the date required

We receive numerous requests for support, and we do our best to support as many requests as possible. Because of the high volume of requests that we receive, although we recognize the important work that each organization is doing in our community, not all requests will be approved. 

Lakeland Co-op Scholarship Program

Lakeland Co-op is pleased to present a scholarship program for graduating students within our trade area. Our commitment to our community runs deep, and contributing to a student’s future through the Scholarship Program is another way that Lakeland Co-op is investing in our members and our community.

We know that each student’s educational journey is unique, and that’s why we award scholarships to students who excel in a variety of areas – academic achievement, school involvement, commitment to the community, and leadership.

TWO - $1000.00 Lakeland Co-op Community Strength Scholarships will be awarded annually
ONE - $1000.00 Lakeland Co-op Member Strength Scholarship will be awarded annually

For full details on Lakeland Co-op Scholarship Program including the online application, please click here