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Lakeland Credit Union & Other Great Co-ops In Our Community
June 11, 2019

Co-operation between co-operatives is a foundational principle for any co-op. The spirit of working together to create a better community and better future is a quality we all share. To that end, we'd like to do our part in spreading awareness about other co-ops of all shapes and sizes throughout our community and the greater Bonnyville area. There are lively and helpful co-ops of all sorts and sizes out here. For almost any product or service you could imagine, there's a good chance people are willing to work together to make it into something beneficial.

There are a lot of ways for everyday community services to make a difference. Credit unions provide an excellent service for their members, offering a reasonable alternative to corporate banks while extending their profits towards the community. Choosing to invest your money in a credit union can be a great way to save your money and contribute to the greater good of the world around you. There are some substantial benefits to being a credit union member as well.

Lakeland Credit Union
For those who reside in Bonnyville and the surrounding area, Lakeland Credit Union offers a range of great services for its members. They've shared more than $39 million since 1995 with their unique profit sharing program. Being a loyal member has the potential to earn you both cash and common shares, meaning you'll have a shared interest in the success of your own finances as well as the credit union's. Not only that, but you'll be invested with an organization that contributes to the overall well-being of its members and the community at large.

One of the great things about Lakeland Credit Union is the comfort that comes from long-term relationships built on trust. They're attentive to their members, taking the time to get to know them and understand their needs. Apart from providing excellent customer service, they also go out of their way to make you feel welcome and secure with them. Having a reliable and friendly relationship over a long period of time is important for maintaining the strength of a community's bonds.

As a co-op, they also have a strong stance on providing benefits to their members and employees. Both those who work with Lakeland Credit Union and those who invest with them are all official member-owners, meaning everyone shares a stake in their success. It also means that the people you see every time you visit are as equally invested in the credit union as you are. Not only do you get to share in the profits as an owner, but as a member, you're also part of the body that keeps them going.

When it comes to giving back and paying it forward, Lakeland Credit Union supports a broad range of projects that better the community. Staff regularly volunteer and donate charitably to local initiatives and events. They regularly donate to a number of causes, including Days For Girls and Cold Lake Food Bank among others. They've awarded generous local scholarships, and even provided lessons for financial literacy. For a detailed look at everything they do to improve the quality of life for local people, take a look at the community page of their website.

If you aren't a member, you can always sign up to become one and take advantage of all the great things they have to offer. It only takes a $25 investment to start, which gives to access to a rewarding and beneficial relationship for years to come.

Other Local Co-ops You Should See
There are plenty of great services out there who're willing to come together and support the well-being of all their friends and neighbours. Around Bonnyville and western Canada, there are hundreds of viable co-op businesses that provide helpful and beneficial services. They're everyday people with everyday kinds of businesses but like us, they embody the spirit of cooperation and community-minded action.

Choquet Insurance Group
Insurance is a major part of modern life and finance, regardless of your financial situation. Forward-thinking organizations like Choquet Insurance Group (part of the greater Co-operators family) are great for offering insurance services that pay it forward.

Like Lakeland Credit Union, Choquet Insurance focuses on a co-operative approach by creating ways for their members to influence business decisions. In this way, the offer a quality of customer service much friendlier and consequential than your average insurance company. This extends to offering advice on which insurance plans are most beneficial to you as a person, rather than on what's more profitable for the business.

They offer a range of insurance plans for everything from automobiles, to homes, businesses, and life. Having the option to cover so many important things all in one place is a fantastic convenience. It helps when you're making decisions on how to best protect your most valuable assets to have everything together.

As a community-minded co-op, they've contributed to a range of causes including programs for distraction-free driving, mental health, flood safety, and sustainability. They're involved with the national Drive Out Distraction program, as well as children's educational initiatives like In Your Face & Interactive and Kid's Help Phone.

In The Spirit Of Co-operation
We want to make sure we do our part in promoting the various co-operative projects you could be a part of. At Lakeland Co-op, our mission is to provide services, products, and opportunities that support the greater good of our community. It's important for us to recognize the good others are doing as well, and make sure people know that they could be contributing to a worthwhile cause simply by conducting business as they would normally everyday. Every little expense people give can go a long way when people come together with the state of mind to accomplish something good.

To learn more about Lakeland Co-op and how you can become a member, visit us here. We look forward to showing you everything we have to offer and what we're doing to make our community a happier and more prosperous place to live.

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