Lease Livestock Handling Equipment
March 21, 2022

(From originally published: APRIL 16, 2021)

Leasing grain storage and handling systems, or even farm buildings, isn’t anything new to farmers. But, did you know that Co-op and CWB National Leasing can also help you find the best plan for leasing livestock equipment such as a cattle handling system?

“By going with a lease program, you get what you need to make your farming operation safe and efficient, when you need it,” said Alvin Radcliffe of Valleyview Co-op in Virden, Man. “It’s a very simple, quick process to get things going.”

After discussing your equipment needs, Co-op connects you with CWB National Leasing, our leasing partner, to go over financing options. Once the plan is in place, we’ll work with the producer to get the equipment on the farm and bill CWB National Leasing. The entire process can usually be completed within 24 to 48 hours.

Aside from the ease and speed, there are definite advantages to leasing your livestock equipment —increased buying power, seasonal payments and potential tax savings. But one of the biggest advantages is the ability to better manage your cash flow.

Working with an Equip Team member at your local Co-op Agro Centre and the expert account managers at CWB National Leasing, you can find the payment schedule that works best for you and your farming operation. With leasing, you have a greater ability to customize or match your payments with your revenue.

“Most of our customers who lease livestock handling equipment will ask for an annual payment every December, and then vary the term based on their cash flow requirements,” said Curtis Gulka, Account Executive with CWB National Leasing. “However, we can be very specific and customize the lease beyond that. For example, there are various buyout options, which help to manage cash flow.”

When looking at which term to choose, one thing to know is that they vary a bit based on the product. While bin or building leases range from three to seven years, livestock handling equipment has a maximum term length of six years.

Lakeland Co-op Equip Team is ready to help you make your equipment manage more than just your livestock. To learn more, visit the Agro Centre today at 6020-54 Avenue, Bonnyville