The Benefits of Co-op
January 30, 2023

About Lakeland Co-op and the Co-operative Retailing System

Lakeland Co-op is a different kind of business. We are owned by our members, not far-away shareholders. The products and services we offer are unique because we’re guided by the needs of our members.

We are local. We support and invest in our community – because we live here too. Our profits are used to develop jobs and economic activity, give back to local organizations and initiatives, and provide a return to our owners – who are community members and customers.

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In 1984, people worked together (cooperatively!) to start Lakeland Co-op in this community, a business owned by the community and a business that gives back to the community – it’s why we exist.

Co-op keeps 100 per cent of its profits in our local community. Our profits help to provide great jobs, build welcoming facilities and support local groups and charitable organizations that make our community a better place to live.

We embed sustainability in our business by planning and investing for the long term, with our communities and environment in mind.

The Co-operative Retailing System

The Co-op brand is used by a network of retail co-operative associations across Western Canada that own and operate Co-op Agro Centres, Food Stores, Gas Bars/Convenience Stores, Home Centres, Pharmacies and more.

Together, these independent Co-ops own Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL). FCL is a wholesaling, manufacturing, marketing and administrative co-op that serves and supports this group of more than 160 independent co-operative associations across Western Canada.

Lakeland Co-op is a member of this network, which we call the Co-operative Retailing System (CRS). Each Co-op is an independent organization owned by their members, who democratically elect a local board of directors to govern the business. The Co-op brand is built on the idea of being truly local and the promise of staying that way.

Co-op associations may appear to be similar and often work together under the Co-op banner. However, each association works for the benefit of its respective members and communities. This is why locations across Western Canada – the way they’re operated and the products and services they offer – are slightly different.

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