Membership Matters More - Be Part of Something Bigger
October 19, 2022

Co-op is a different kind of business, and that difference begins with membership.

You don’t need to be a member to shop at Co-op, but if you're not a member you’ll be missing out on the benefits of belonging to our business.

At Co-op, membership means you own part of your local co-operative association. As an owner, you have the ability to participate in the democratic decision-making process by asking questions, voting on resolutions, electing board members or even sitting on the board yourself.

Each year, local co-ops may return a part of their profits back to members based on how much you shop with them and how well the business performs. Some of this is returned as equity, which is like a savings account or RRSP that grows over time.

We’re more than just a place to shop. We’re a business built to support our community and meet the needs of our members. Decisions and policies on membership are made locally and vary between co-op associations.
Did you know that buying Agro or Home supplies can help build a playground in our community? Or that filling up your tank can help provide support to neighbours in need? They can! Members make that happen!

When you’re a member of Lakeland Co-op, your everyday purchases make a real difference, because 100 per cent of our profits stay right here, in our community. Your Co-op membership makes you part of something bigger. It gives you a voice in our business and the kind of support we provide.

It’s everyday shopping, for good. Click here to purchase your $10 lifetime Membership ~ and truly find out how membership matters more at Lakeland Co-op.